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Classic Cars Ireland was the first exclusive Classic Car dealership in Ireland, established in 1998, and we specialize in Sourcing and Importing Classic Cars from the Continent and the UK. We can also help selling your car on the European market. With the Brexit making importing a car from the UK a lot more difficult, we can offer an alternative route to import a classic car or youngtimer into Ireland.

We have access to a network of excellent and reputable Classic Car specialists offering high quality cars for excellent prices, and also a wealth of individual private sellers on the continent, allowing us to select some of the rarest, exclusive and unusual cars, but also the more mainstream cars. Since not everyone has the ability and the expertise, or indeed the wish to check out a car abroad and deal with organizing the transport and importation, this is where we can take the sting out of purchasing a Classic Car for you.  

At Classic Cars Ireland we tend to focus on the individual needs of the client. If you haven't settled on a specific Classic Car that you would like to purchase, we will help you determine the best possible car for you. If you DO know exactly what you want, we will start with evaluating if this car would indeed be suitable for what you are intending it for. It is important for us to determine if the car you are pursuing is right for you, because nothing is as bad as getting your 'dream car' only to find out, it is not quite what you had expected it to be.

Part of our service is therefore to give as much advice as possible on the cars, the practicality, the projected maintenance and the resale values. It has happened we had to 'educate' clients in their choice of cars and offer advice as to potentially more suitable candidates that would better fit either the budget or the requirements of the client.

We would really love to hear from you, whether you would want more information, you have comments about this website, you want us to import or sell a car for you, or you just want to talk to us about Classic Cars.

Contact us in any of the ways described in the section Contact us.

Paul Kanters, Classic Cars Ireland


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